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Our staffing agency serves hundreds of large and medium sized companies and organizations across the entire United States. Beginning at the end of September 2021, we began to expand our services nationwide across the entire United States beyond our original staffing markets of New Jersey and the NYC metro region. Today we provide a full portfolio of staffing and job placement services through our dedicated team of recruiters and headhunters who have years of experience in the sourcing and screening of experienced and talented job candidates from entry level to senior level management professionals. Our unwavering mission is to provide outstanding service for all of our clients and to invest our time and resources effectively to ensure quick delivery of only the best-qualified job candidates for you to interview.

Job Categories Served

We provide temporary and permanent job placement in the following career fields:

Key Differentiating Factors vs Our Competition

Experience: Our staffing agency was started in 1987 (see our history page) and every one of our headhunters and recruiters is engaged in a long-time career in this industry. We only hire the most exceptional and talented people in this business because we know that it is quality and first class service that counts and we have found that people with substantial experience in job candidate searching and screening plus matching candidates to hiring requirements tend to do best when they have been working in this industry for an extended period of time. Of course, we do occasionally take on younger or less-seasoned recruiters but we do so when we see outstanding potential in such candidates and also to ensure our own longevity in this business by retaining a well-balanced roster of employees. All of our recruiting staff have a personal interest in their own success and we nurture that because we know that happy employees deliver the best results for us and our customers!

Quality: Our recruiters are a bit picky when choosing job candidates for our clients but the reason they do that is because they care about the quality of their work, and we do too. All of us here understand that our work effort is most efficient and effective when we place high-quality job candidates with our clients with a focus on quality instead of quantity. The fewer candidates our clients need to interview the better, as their time is important to them and we recognize that!

Depth: Our team is able to match ideal job candidates to the positions that our customers need to fill because we go deep into the career backgrounds of the candidates we present to them. Our job candidates actually appreciate that because it ensures that we place them in a job that is a good match for their skills and career interests and also suits their personality well. This is important because we recognize that a happy job candidate will deliver better job performance for our customer than an unhappy one!

Technology: We have the ability to place well-qualified candidates to job openings that are ideal for them and our customers through a proprietary framework of secure candidate databases, internal client databases, and in-house data analysis strategies that our recruiters can utilize to line up the best job applicants with the job positions listed by our customers. We also retain historical data about our past job placements and have the technology to link that data to current job openings and available candidates that makes all this possible. This means better utilization of resources and time for us and for our customers, and this is key to standing out in this very competitive industry!

Qualified Staffing Expertise

Licensed: Our company is licensed with the state of New Jersey as an employment consulting firm and temp agency, license # CT0288600 which is effective until 6/30/2024 and we renew them every year! You can verify our current license status here: NJ Division of Consumer Affairs License Verification website at any time.

Capable: Every one of our staffing professionals has multiple years of experience in the business of matching talented job candidates to jobs listed by employers whom we serve with pride and joy. Our team also knows exactly how to meet the needs of hiring managers at all types of organizations, so both small and large employers benefit from our broad skill set.

Let Us Handle Your Job Hiring For You

We love all things to do with hiring and finding good people who are properly qualified to do the jobs you are looking to fill.  To make this process easier for you to start, just click here to post your job opening with us online today!

Still Have Questions About Our Services?

We would be very happy to help!  Our team is always ready to answer any of your questions about our staffing services that apply to your particular situation.  To send an email to (or call) one of our staffing professionals, you can find names and contact info of our key staffing personnel here!