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General Manager (JMR)

Job Location: Piscataway, NJ

(B.S. Eng, Business) Steel Fabrication Plant Growing Company needs someone to oversee day to day operations of the production plant to meet all shipment schedules. Will improve plant opera...


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Director CMC Regulatory Affairs (JMR)

Job Location: Parsippany, NJ

(B.S. Science) Biologics Growing Biotech Company needs someone to translate CMC regulatory requirements into strategies and plans for stages of drug development of substances and product. Wi...


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Director of Production (JMR)

Job Location: Carlstadt, NJ

(B.S. Chem Eng, ME, IE) Chemicals/Union Experience Chemical Company needs someone to oversee 8 supervisors and 35 union operators in a 24/7 day operation. Will coordinate raw material de...


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Estimator (JMR)

Job Location: Chester, NJ

Structural/Construction/Manufacturing Structural Fabricator needs someone to prepare proposals and quotes to prepare cost estimates for labor, materials, and services. Will release project ...


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Senior Production Manager (JMR)

Job Location: Middlesex, NJ

(B.S. Eng or Related Degree) Cosmetic/Personal Care Contract Packaging Company needs someone to oversee 2 production supervisors and 250 non-union employees in a fast-paced high-volume envi...


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Process Engineer (SEB)

Job Location: Stroudsburg, PA

The Process Engineer will provide technical assistance to the engineering and operations teams in a manufacturing environment and assist with various engineering tasks associated with producti...


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Associate Director Quality Assurance (JMR)

Job Location: East Windsor, NJ

(B.S. Science) (Cell/Clinical Contract Manufacturing Compliance Preferred) Growing Biotechnology Innovator needs someone to manage outsourced contract manufacturing and development organiz...


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Sr GMP Compliance Specialist (JMR)

Job Location: Parsippany, NJ

(B.S. Science, Eng) GMP Compliance Audits Growing Biotech Company needs someone to ensure GMP compliance through internal audits. Will conduct facility walkthroughs to assess compliance to...


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Operation Manager (JMR)

Job Location: Bridgewater, NJ

(B.S. Chem Eng) Growing Company needs someone to manage production and maintenance teams, work with lean manufacturing implementation, and should have strong project management skills for ...


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Facility Mechanical Engineer (JMR)

Job Location: Piscataway, NJ

(B.S. M.E.) Growing Manufacturer needs someone to validate and identify new equipment and suppliers for the organization, evaluate machinery needs, update machine replacement forecasts, pro...


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Manufacturing Manager (JMR)

Job Location: Cranbury, NJ

(B.S. Chem Eng, Science) Bioreactor/Cell Manufacturing Growing Biotechnology Company needs someone to oversee operations to plan, implement, and monitor manufacturing schedules and maxim...


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Lead Manufacturing Associate (JMR)

Job Location: Cranbury, NJ

(Assoc Degree, B.S. Chem Eng, Science) Biologics Will be responsible for the manufacturing of viral vector therapies including cell line initiation, cell line scaleup, bioreactor operati...


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Quality Engineer (JMR)

Job Location: Roxbury, NJ

(B.S. M.E, E.E) Growing Manufacturer of Electromechanical Components needs someone to perform quality audits and work to ISO 9001 and AS-9102 regulations and lean manufacturing. Will perfor...


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About the engineering jobs listed on this page

The jobs that we list in this category include positions relate to all the different engineering fields that people typically work in, such as mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, production engineers, design engineers and similar areas. We also handle job openings for engineering supervisors, project managers, directors, and supporting engineering staff positions so long as the work itself is at least 50 percent relevant to this job category. Some jobs are hybrid positions where a person may have a dual role in their job, so in such cases the job is listed in the category that more than half of the duties of the employee are related to.

Other jobs listed on this page may be research focused or very highly specialized in sub-disciplines such as nuclear engineering, silicon microarchitecture design, or even bioengineering related. Our recruiters and headhunters in this job category are very experienced in a broad range of engineering related job placements and our prowess in this category has steadily grown over the decades, especially with the advent of new technologies that have made this field rich with new opportunities to help our clients and people find work in this exciting field!