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exciting news re latest jobs data

March 2024 BLS Data: 300K+ Jobs Added!

Our clients report plans to raise their hiring activity also

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report today revealing that nonfarm payrolls rose by more than 303,000 jobs during the month of March 2024, which is an impressive amount! Most of the gain was for government jobs, the healthcare sector jobs and construction industry jobs, but a several other job categories were noted therein also. According to the same report, this notable increase in new jobs is about 31 percent higher than the average monthly increase in jobs in the United States in the 12 months preceding the month of March. This is certainly good news for the staffing industry from our viewpoint!

Some of our clients are also reporting an increased need to fill job openings now, and while not all of them have posted new jobs recently with us, they have indicated to us that they plan to do so shortly. We are thus actively working with them to make the necessary arrangements and when ready we will be posting a number of new job positions to fulfill the orders we have with them. At the same time, we expect to see a lot more job candidates sending their applications to us in a short period of time, which means a very busy spring season ahead for us!

The BLS jobs report suggests that the month of April is looking very bright indeed for all of the staffing industry, and we are prepared to meet the occasion. For our job candidates seeking work now or in the near future, we are recommending that people seeking work should submit resume or CV to us now to beat the rush so that you have the best chance to be at the front of the line for job interviews soon!

For employers and our clients: Post a new job with us today!

Posted on: 4/5/2024 4:42 PM

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Exciting news from Clark Davis Associates

Clark Davis Associates Wins Another Staffing Industry Award

Clark Davis Associates receives 2023 NJBIZ Top 250 award for excellence in staffing

We are pleased to share this news as we have worked hard all year long, which has earned us this prestigious award for our efforts within the staffing industry. We are excited to have reached this milestone among many of them in our 36-year history!

Image of August 2023 NJBIZ Top 250 award for staffing companies earned by Clark Davis Associates.

Staffing service performed with a high standard of professionalism has always been key to our mission. This award proves that our diligence has earned us recognition within the burgeoning staffing industry, and we are looking forward to continuing to deliver top-notch staffing solutions with the same high quality in the future!

Posted on: 9/5/2023 2:28 PM

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Exciting news from Clark Davis Associates

Showing Off Our Recent Achievement in the Staffing Industry

Clark Davis Associates proud to share photo of 2022 NJBIZ Top 250 award for staffing excellence

We are still feeling the excitement of the award we received in August of this year, as originally posted in our previous story re award below! To share our excitement, we are delighted to present to you a close-up photo of our award here:

Photo of latest NJBIZ Top 250 award for staffing companies earned by Clark Davis Associates as of August 2022.

Staffing done with excellence and professionalism has always been our goal and motto. This award proves that our hard work has not gone unnoticed in the hypercompetitive staffing industry, and we are looking forward to doing more of the same in the coming years!

Posted on: 10/28/2022 2:57 PM

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Clark Davis Associates has exciting news!

Clark Davis Earns Latest Industry Award

The success of our company in the staffing industry is getting noticed

We are thrilled to once again receive an award in the industry which recognizes our excellence in the highly competitive staffing market! We are truly excited and honored to have received this prestigious award and it inspires us to reach new heights helping people grow their careers while enabling employers to maximize their HR investment.

For more details please see the full story here: Our LinkedIn Post

Posted on: 10/03/2022 3:21 PM

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Exciting News - Clark Davis Associates among top 200 professional recruiting firms in US

Forbes Lists Clark Davis Associates Among Top 200 Recruiting Firms in US

We received top-tier ranking out of more than 22K nominated firms in the industry

We are proud to announce our top-tier placement yet again on the prestigious ranking of recruiting and staffing firms by Forbes! It is a significant milestone for us because of the high standards-based criteria used by Forbes to select the companies that are on the list of the top 200 firms in our industry. It is based on multiple criteria, including nominations by three categories of industry participants surveyed for their views on the selected companies: HR managers, external recruiters, and job candidates who had successfully placed in a job posted by a recruiting firm. Among the people surveyed, more than 31,000 were external recruiters and 6,900 were HR managers and executives, who collectively voted for over 22,000 firms in the industry, which were then ranked in order based on their reputation for high quality work. Naturally, we are thrilled to make it into the top 200 among all the companies in our industry!

For the complete details, please see the article listing the top 200 recruiting firms here. We also wish to congratulate our peers who made this list as well, and we are looking forward to helping more people find jobs with employers whom we are proud to represent in this important industry!

Posted on: 05/13/2022 2:14 PM

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Exciting news from Clark Davis Associates about jobs in New Hampshire

Clark Davis Associates Adds Job Services in New Hampshire

Growing nationwide staffing company reaches further into northeast US

We are proud to announce that we are adding job listings for our clients in New Hampshire! This means exciting new opportunities for qualified job seekers in New Hampshire and we will be adding more job listings there soon. We have recently made new business connections with business managers and executives in New Hampshire as part of our latest sales drive into that state. Our conversations with local business leaders impressed us with the growing possibilities for the staffing industry there. We also discovered that New Hampshire is a wonderful place to work and live in, and we are proud to help businesses there to help support their missions!

If you are looking to hire great talent in New Hampshire, please be sure to check out our pages about our staffing services first before reaching out to us so that we can get you up and running quickly. We are looking forward to help business in New Hampshire grow while helping talented career professionals find their dream jobs there!

Posted on: 04/21/2022 1:58 PM

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Exciting news about our team hiring new recruiters

Clark Davis Associates Is Expanding Recruiter Team

Nationwide expansion drives need to hire more recruiting professionals

Our management team is actively engaged in a search for recruiters looking to reach new heights in their career! Our current vision for expanding our staffing service to markets across the entire United States is driving the need to hire skilled recruiters across the nation. Many of our recruiters earn close to 175K or even more after being with us for at least one year! But our criteria for selecting recruiters is based on a high standard that is tied to the recruiter's willingness to succeed, paired with maintaining a high level of quality and integrity while dealing with the challenging nature of this work. We also seek recruiters who are honest, detail-oriented, and keenly focused on success as a staffing and recruiting professional in a career that is more than just a 9 to 5 job. Our agency has thrived in the staffing industry for over 30 years, and much of this is owed to the success of our recruiters whom we recognize with utmost respect.

Our drive to hire recruiters for 2022 and beyond is expected to last for some time due to the ongoing nationwide staffing campaign that we launched recently. Consequently, we even created a new [link to job id #1521 has been removed due to position being filled]! We also have a permanent page for recruiter recruitment as well. Please be sure to check out both links, and if you have what it takes to succeed as a recruiter, we would love to hear from you!

Posted on: 03/17/2022 3:57 PM

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Exciting news from Clark Davis Associates about jobs in Florida

Clark Davis Associates Expands Job Services in Florida

Expanding nationwide staffing service reaches further into southeast US

We are proud to announce that we are adding job listings for our clients in Florida! This means exciting new opportunities for qualified job seekers in Florida and we will be posting more job listings there soon. Not long ago, our team had a special holiday getaway in Florida and we loved our stay there, noting how vibrant the business community is there. Naturally, we took the time to reach out to our business contacts in the Florida market and we were impressed with the amazing possibilities for the staffing industry there. Clearly, Florida is a great place to live and work, and we are proud to help businesses in Florida find amazing worker talent to help support them!

If you are looking to hire great talent in Florida, be sure to check out our pages about our staffing services before reaching out to us so that we can get you up and running right away. Our entire team is looking forward to help business in Florida grow while helping skilled career professionals find their dream jobs there. And of course, we will be looking forward to booking our next stay in sunny Florida soon as well!

Posted on: 03/11/2022 3:38 PM

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news update about our nationwide job listing campaign

Clark Davis Associates Goes Nationwide

Transition from regional to nationwide staffing focus continues in 2022

Back in the fall of 2021 we made the decision to widen our market reach beyond the greater metro areas surrounding New York City, with the intent of phasing in additional coverage areas across the United States gradually over time. We are happy to report that our expansion plans are well underway, with new jobs listed as far away as California in early 2022, and it is proving to be an exciting time for us! It should be noted that certain areas of the country are likely to generate more activity than others due to varying job market conditions present in those markets. However, the common thread in all of the areas is that we are accepting job listings from employers anywhere in the USA, not just the big metro areas. Whether a job is located in the suburbs of San Francisco, CA, or within industrial areas of Houston, TX or in the pharmaceutical hubs near Boston, MA it makes no difference to us as our commitment to helping employers fill job positions with well-qualified candidates always remains the same. In fact, we are excited to post new job listings in new markets as we enjoy the challenge and we love making new contacts with clients and professionals everywhere! So go ahead and send us your job listing request if you are hiring, or if you need a new job check out our directory of state-wide job listings for your next career move!

Posted on: 02/22/2022 7:39 PM

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exciting news

Our Newest Office Photos Posted Online Today!

Clark Davis Associates HQ in Parsippany NJ is now easier to find with pics

We are pleased to announce the posting of our latest office photos from our new office at 300 Interpace Parkway (in suite C140) which showcase the scenic setting where the magic happens! Some of our clients noted that having photos makes it easier to find their way in to our office when knowing what to look for on the way in. We also received suggestions for the same from our job candidates. We could not agree more and are happy to share the pics! Check out our latest Google post here for more details on how to find us when coming in to visit us! :)

Posted on: 09/30/2021 5:16 PM

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Small pic of NJBIZ TOP 250 award granted to Clark Davis Associates in August 2021

Clark Davis Receives NJBIZ Top 250 Award Again for 2021!

Award granted as of August 2021 to recognize continuing excellence in our staffing services

We are once again honored to have been granted this award for our hard work in the staffing industry this year! Our entire team has worked very hard this year through the ongoing pandemic and we also had the extra task of moving our office across a few blocks to our current location all while keeping our clients going and helping people find jobs. As noted by our management team, this award is a testament to the tenacity of our entire team and our hardworking ethic while facing challenges, and we are honored to receive this award!

We have placed the award on prominent display at our office, check out the pic below for a close-up!

Photo of NJBIZ TOP 250 award granted to Clark Davis Associates as of August 2021

With this award on our wall now, we are totally inspired to keep going with our efforts to help companies find amazing talent to fill jobs through this year into the next!

Posted on: 09/24/2021 4:21 PM

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exciting news

Remote Jobs Added To Our Job Listings!

New job listing page created to help people find remote work as pandemic continues

We are pleased to announce the newest feature addition to our job listings on this website dedicated to remote work and work from home (WFH) positions! Although most of the jobs we list are still traditional in-office positions, many employers are joining the ranks of companies offering fully remote or hybrid work job positions and the demand for remote jobs is not going away due to the ongoing pandemic and structural workplace changes. Some of our clients have indicated that remote work is necessary as they are looking to reduce their office space expenses, thus leading to smaller square footages at many office locations leaving fewer desks for workers.

We expect this trend to continue for the foreseeable future, so we are excited to offer this option for our clients and job candidates. Please follow this link to check out our latest remote job openings and let us know what you think!

Posted on: 09/02/2021 05:50 PM

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exciting news

New Office Address of Clark Davis Associates Announced

Please update address information for our company as our move is proceeding quickly

Our unpacking at the new location has progressed quickly and we are pleased to be able to share it with everyone slightly sooner than expected! Here is our new address:

300 Interpace Parkway, Suite C140
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Note that only our street address changed, the city and zip code are still the same as before. Also, as noted previously, our email and telephone number remain the same as before. We have also posted this information on our LinkedIn page and you can also find our address here as well.

We are excited to be making our move quicker than anticipated which is great considering the hot weather we are seeing this week!

Posted on: 08/25/2021 03:32 PM

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exciting news

Our Office Moving Project Has Begun!

Move to new office across same town (Parsippany) is expected to be complete by 8/31

We have rolled up our sleeves and are finally moving this week! There is plenty of packing and organizing to do, and of course all our office furniture and equipment, computers, desk phones et cetera will have to be carefully packed and trasported to our new office which is less than two miles away from our present location. However, our phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same as before, so the impact to business is expected to be minimal or quite likely none at all. Our management team is also advising clients and job seekers that our relocation will in fact enhance our ability to fill jobs even better than before due to the new operational efficiencies we are gaining as a result of the move. Furthermore, we will be better positioned to grow our staffing services as the job markets continue to run hot despite the ongoing pandemic. So, not only are we excited to be moving to a cool new office space, but we will be ready to serve our market with new opportunities that benefit employers and job seekers alike!

We will be publishing our new office address within the next few days on this website and elsewhere on the Internet, so please stay tuned and watch for more updates on this!

Posted on: 08/25/2021 08:02 AM

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exciting news

We Are Moving to a New Office Soon!

Clark Davis Associates to remain in Parsippany, New Jersey as the business grows

We are pleased to announce that we will be moving soon to a new office! We have decided to make this move in order to serve our clients better as we expand our business, and yes, we will still remain part of our long-established community here in Parsippany, NJ! We are expecting to complete our move during the last week of August. More details will be announced soon along with our new address information and other details about our exciting new headquarters!

Posted on: 08/12/2021 5:47 PM

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exciting news

Labor Statistics For March 2021 Show Impressive Growth

Job markets are rebounding with more than 900K new jobs added last month

A number of news outlets have just published stories after the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their jobs report for March on Friday (4/2/21). Here is a brief summary of what that report revealed:

U.S. gained 916K jobs in March with the unemployment rate now down to 6 percent

Job growth was on a tear in March, rising faster than in any other month since last summer due to stronger economic growth and growing vaccination counts. These trends caused a big jump in payrolls in the hospitality and construction industries, with far more hires reported by the BLS than layoffs. It was reported that economists interviewed by the Dow Jones for their latest survey were expecting an increase of only 675K jobs, almost a third below the actual numbers. Only in the month of August 2020 more jobs were added (approx. 1.58 million jobs), while every other month was far less impressive.

According to the Hiring Labs at Indeed, the number of open job postings online was 13.5 percent higher than it was in February 2020 which is regarded as the baseline job openings stat prior to the start of the pandemic. All this can be summed up as good news and will help boost consumer confidence as well as the job markets in general.

Hearing all these good news about the job market rebound, we are really excited and eager to continue providing effective staffing services to our clients to help speed up the economic recovery! :)

Posted on: 04/07/2021 11:44 PM

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Photo of January 2021 award given to Clark Davis Associates by NJBIZ for being the sixth-best ranked executive search firm in NJ

Clark Davis Associates Wins Another Award

Our company ranked sixth best executive search agency in January 2021

We certainly started the new year in the right direction, with amazing results that earned our team another award for the NJBIZ Top Executive Search firms! We truly honored and excited to be ranked sixth-best among our industry peers and to be able to get such good results in these challenging economic times that prevail in the marketplace at this time. This award inspires us tremendously and we are super excited to continue our work helping people find jobs and companies to hire the best talent!

Having over three decades of award-winning industry experience, we are eager to link leading talent to many amazing job opportunities. The proof is right here in this image below, showing off our three newest awards together on the wall at our office! (The newest one is in the middle of the image)

Latest three awards earned by Clark Davis Associates as of January 2021 with the newest award displayed in the center of the image

If you are looking for a new position or wish to connect with a hiring manager looking to hire the right job candidate, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team as we are motivated to help.

If you are an employer looking to fill a job opening help please take a look at our staffing overview page for more information on how we can help.

Posted on: 02/04/2021 03:34 PM

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Stylized Happy New Year 2021 image with greetings from the Clark Davis Associates staffing team!

Happy New Year 2021 to You from Our Team

Our entire team is ready to help turn the economy around with new jobs

The New Year is a great time to search for a fresh start or fresh talent, so allow Clark Davis Associates to be your full service source!

With 34 years of industry experience we can provide you with superior talent and/or great employment opportunities.

During this pandemic we have been able to help many people find the right employment and many clients their perfect candidate during this difficult time. So, if you are in need of employment or a company representative looking for the right candidate, please do not hesitate to reach out, we are always here to help.

If you are an employer looking to hire help please see our staffing information page for details on how to post a job listing with us.

Posted on: 01/11/2021 03:38 PM

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NJ Biz TOP 250 award plaque delivered to CDA

NJ Biz TOP 250 Plaque Delivered To Us Today!

Beautifully crafted award plaque is an inspiration for our entire team

We are excited to finally receive our actual full-sized award plaque for our achievements in the staffing marketplace in 2020! This award was originally announced by NJ Biz TOP 250 judges in August 2020 but due to the extraordinary circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic we were not able to receive the actual physical award plaque at that time. Now that it has arrived, we immediately placed it on the largest wall in our office to celebrate our achievements this year, and everyone here is excited to see it! For a full size pic please see Photo of Clark Davis Associates NJ Biz TOP 250 award plaque.

If you are in the area and would like to check it out, please call us first to arrange a visit (PPE and social distancing rules still apply) so you can come by to see our award and talk with our recruiters about your ongoing career search or hiring needs if you are looking for well-qualified job candidates. We are proud of all our achievements that this award recognizes, and we are totally motivated to continue helping you succeed in 2020 and beyond!

Posted on: 10/14/2020 06:47 PM

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exciting news

Clark Davis Associates at Job Fairs and Upcoming Events

We are increasing our job candidate outreach via career events

We are planning on attending several job fairs and career networking events in the remaining months of 2020 to help more people find jobs. These events will be held at various venues, and of course in line with social-distancing rules and use of masks and other personal protective equipment (aka PPE) as needed. More details will be announced soon so please be sure to bookmark our site or save it to your favorite site list so that you can keep tabs on our upcoming career events!

Posted on: 09/26/2020 02:18 PM

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NJBIZ Top 250 award logo announcing that Clark Davis Associates has made the list in August 2020

Clark Davis Associates Once Again in the NJBIZ TOP 250!

Award shows our strength despite challenging business climate in 2020

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been once again awarded coveted recognition in the NJBIZ Top 250 Privately Held Companies List which is granted to companies that demonstrate significant success within the New Jersey business marketplace. We are humbled and proud to have made this achievement and we are looking forward to continuing to provide class-leading service within the staffing industry for our clients and candidates for many years to come. We are grateful for our clients and candidates who have made this award possible, and we are motivated to continue on the same path to success helping people find jobs and ensuring that the hiring needs of our clients are satisfied every time.

Posted on: 08/25/2020 11:25 PM

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exciting news

Staying Strong During the Pandemic

Clark Davis staffing services continue despite coronavirus pandemic

In tough times such as these, we are very thankful that our staffing agency services a diverse client base across all industries, many of which are considered essential businesses and still have critical hiring needs. Clark Davis remains, as it always has been for 34 years, a trusted broker for top job talent in Clinical/Pharma, Accounting/Finance, Human Resources, IT, and Engineering/Manufacturing for both full-time and consulting needs.

We are recruiting the best career talent NJ has to offer and continue to serve all businesses looking to hire. During this pandemic we have been fortunate to help a large number of people transition into new jobs. Many companies continue to utilize our staffing services to hire positions for the long term despite the volatile economy. These job placements are high quality openings where our clients provide secure and stable career opportunities with the potential for advancement without the fear of your new position being eliminated.

If you are looking for a new position or find yourself looking for talent, reach out to one of our team members at Clark Davis!

Stay safe!

Originally posted on our social media feed earlier today.

Posted on: 05/22/2020 05:27 PM

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exciting news

Our Fax Number Has Changed!

Fax system upraded to enhance staffing service

Please be advised that our new fax number is now 973-602-3012 effective immediately. We are always working to improve the level of service we provide to our clients and to our job candidates, and the new fax system we are using comes with enhanced notification capabilities that will enable our staffing agents and headhunters to respond quickly to new opportunities. This may be a small change for some, but we are excited because everything we do is always geared toward helping job seekers find jobs and clients to fill job openings quickly!

Posted on: 09/26/2019 04:58 PM

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exciting news

Our Sales & Marketing Jobs Division Is Growing

Our Recently Added Division for Sales & Marketing Jobs Is Growing Fast!

Our listings for Sales and Marketing positions are growing fast! We have already posted 10 new job listings in this category, and more are on the way! Currently there are 5 active postings in the sales and marketing job listings section of our website. If you are looking for an opportunity in this field, or if you know someone who needs a job in sales or marketing please be sure to let them know and have them submit a resume to us in confidence!

Posted on: 03/06/2019 10:13 PM

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exciting news

New Division Opened at Clark Davis Associates

Clark Davis Associates has Opened a New Division for Sales and Marketing Jobs!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our newest staffing division!! We are expanding our staffing and job placement services to include Sales and Marketing positions, as many of our clients have been making requests for our services to recruit sales professionals and marketing talent. We are excited to be able to help both our clients fill job openings and also the skilled professionals to find jobs within this exciting field!

Posted on: 11/23/2018 4:22 PM

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photo of NJBIZ TOP250 Award granted in September 2018 to Clark Davis Associates staffing agency of Parsippany NJ

Clark Davis Associates Recognized in the NJBIZ TOP 250

Clark Davis Associates was awarded the NJBIZ TOP 250 New Jersey Private Companies Award in August 2018!

The entire team at our staffing office is honored to have been recognized for their hard work, and we are proud of our team!! Our company has been in business for over 30 years and the recruiters on our team have a combined pool of experience adding up to far more years than that, so it is a great honor for our team to be recognized by the business community. We are looking forward to sharing more success stories like these in the coming years!

Posted on: 9/20/2018 1:38 PM