Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) For Job Seekers

Here you will find quick answers to your questions. We hope you will find them helpful in your job search!

Question: What kind of jobs do you offer?

Answer: We list permanent job positions and temporary jobs in the accounting, finance, IT, human resources, engineering, biotech and pharmaceutical career fields. Most job openings are full-time positions but some are part-time.

Question: Where is your staffing agency located?

Answer: We are located in Parsippany, NJ. For more information please see our main office location page.

Question: How can I submit my resume to you?

Answer: You can always send us your resume at any time regardless of current job openings. Please use our resume submission page to send it to us whenever you are are ready to look for a new job.

Question: Where are most of your job openings located at?

Answer: Most of the job listings we post are in New Jersey (NJ) and New York (NY), however we also do business with companies hiring in Pennsylvania (PA), Connecticut (CT) and Delaware (DE). Occasionally we may list a job outside of these states also, but they are not common.

Question: Do you have any jobs near Parsippany, NJ?

Answer: We have many jobs near our main office in Parsippany. Please click here to see all current job openings containing the word 'Parsippany' in them.

Question: Do you list any jobs in Morristown, NJ?

Answer: Yes, our staffing team often posts jobs in the city of Morristown. Please click here to see all current job openings having the word 'Morristown' in them.

Question: Do you have any remote work jobs?

Answer: Yes, some of the jobs we list now are remote work positions, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. Please click here to see all current job openings containing the word 'remote' in them.

Question: Do you accept job candidates with low work experience?

Answer: We normally accept job applicants according to the job experience requirements set by our clients. Our recruiters love placing people in jobs so they will try to help you as much as possible. Sometimes a client will accept a candidate with low experience if the person has an excellent academic record or an advanced degree from a well-known university or college. Furthermore, candidates who can present good professional references or internship experience tend to get hired quickly with the help of our staffing professionals.

Still need answers to a different question?

Please feel free to contact us at any time! Also, we will be updating this Q/A list periodically to keep it current and to reflect changes in our business or the marketplace.