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Clark Davis Associates is a staffing company that brings high quality job candidates and employers together. Organizations of every size — from new startups to large public companies — use our service to build and manage their workforce.


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Staffing should adapt to the employer (client), not the other way around.

Staffing is important!

Since 1987, we have helped hundreds of companies hire thousands of talented professionals for temporary and permanent positions. We believe the best staffing solutions are built at the intersection of business strategy, available technology, and real personnel needs.

Things can get really complex really quickly, and a pragmatic, synthetic and clear vision is essential to be able to provide something that, after all, is meant to be productive for both sides of the transaction. Worker talent also plays a big role and developing clear and well-defined job descriptions and hiring strategies are key to making a difference. In the end, we are here to make every hire a success story for you

We are the leading staffing and recruiting firm for Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Engineering & Chemistry, Clinical & Statistics, and Human Resource professionals, as well as Consulting Services. Our clients span all industries and are the major employers for the tri-state area's workforce. Our mission is to help individuals grow professionally while providing the very best in candidate sourcing and matching for our clients. To that end, we have developed a proven system over the last 30+ years for carrying out our mission:

At Clark Davis Associates we understand that saving time is one of the most important needs for today's business professionals. As one of the leading recruiting firms for Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Engineering & Chemistry, Clinical & Statistics, Human Resources, as well as Consulting Services, our answer to your staffing needs can be summed up in one single word: QUALITY. Our success has been fueled by the basic philosophy that the quality of service, not quantity, is the key to a successful business relationship. In fact, this emphasis on quality has become our system for success and your guarantee of satisfaction when it comes to successful job placement of candidates.

Whether you need an employee or a temporary hire, we can match talented candidates to your specific job requirements. This is what we do every day, all year long while helping our clients fill urgently needed job positions while helping skilled workers find the next job of their dreams.

Our system provides a clear path to your success.

Our checklist for success

Staffing is our passion, locally and nationwide.




Finding the RIGHT position for an applicant, though extremely important, puts a tremendous demand on your valuable time. By aiding you in the arduous search process, Clark Davis enables you to more efficiently utilize your skills and time on a daily basis.


When you contact Clark Davis Associates, one of our experienced recruiters will discuss your particular career needs. We will help you define your criteria for job selection. These criteria will then be applied in our prescreening process. This personalized service continues throughout the entire placement process to ensure your needs are met.


Our computerized search capabilities will enable us to identify the most qualified job seekers for the positions available. A team of counselors will then evaluate the positions, and only those job candidates that meet your career advancement criteria will be presented to the hiring manager.

This careful prescreening process ensures that you will be investing your time and energy in interviewing only the most highly QUALIFIED job positions. Our process offers you the opportunity to make the best possible choice for making a successful career transition.


Since opening in 1987 with just three recruiters, our company has expanded to include a management team with over 100 years of combined staffing experience. Our management team along with our recruitment staff, with a team of more than 25 highly skilled professionals, prides itself in the continuing goal of providing quality service in the staffing industry. Our staffing agency has a long record of successful placements of job seekers and is proof of our continued commitment to this goal. This is also what sets us apart from other search firms, as our highly-qualified recruitment team is keen to maintain our exceptional level of service quality for the long term.

With the advent of the early 21st century, our agency has expanded in new directions. One significant step we took was to recognize that we are more than just a recruiting firm, and therefore we strengthened our team to ensure our place within the highly competitive staffing industry along with ancillary services to help employers manage their HR needs. See this page for more information about the distinction between staffing and recruiting aspects of our business. In addition to the retargeting of our brand, we also opened a new division focused on Sales and Marketing jobs, and hired headhunters and recruitment professionals to support that segment of the business. So far since early 2019, our business has grown nicely as a result, and we are truly excited about what the future holds for us in the staffing industry!

In addition to the above, we began to widen our area of service from the NJ, NY, CT and PA metro regions to cover the entire United States (US) job market and beyond. Due to the huge increase in number of hybrid job positions in recent years, and also due to the increased mobility of the 21st century workforce, we see it as a natural reason for offering our job placement and staffing service across the entire US and now internationally too! Also, many of our clients are large multinational corporations with offices and teams in multiple locations across the US and worldwide, so it makes sense for us to provide job coverage in every US state as well as in other countries. We are excited about our expansion into the US domestic and international job markets and you can rest assured that our decades-long expertise will do well to serve you no matter where you (or the job) are located!


Contact Clark Davis Associates today and we will show you how our system for success and our reputation for quality in the placement of Accounting & Finance, Information Technology, Engineering & Chemistry, Clinical & Statistics, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, and Consulting Services professionals will benefit you.

Or, just start your job search by browsing the job listings in our online job database! For example, you can search for accounting jobs, or search for IT jobs right from our website. Try our award-winning job search system today!

If you are an employer seeking well-qualified job candidates, check out this page for employers looking to hire help, and then submit a job listing request to add your job opening to our database to fill the position quickly - it is that simple!

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