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We currently have dozens of HR related job openings at many large and medium size companies who need to manage their employee relations and job benefits internally. Although the age of automation has changed the role of HR professionals and payroll specialists significantly in the last 10 years, we still see strong demand in this field and our current job listings reflect that! If you are looking to advance your human resources career to new heights please contact Bryan Flynn as described in the below section, or use the next section in the middle of this page to run a custom job search.

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What employers (our clients) look for in HR job candidates?

People who are hired into HR jobs are often professionals who care about the career success of their coworkers and those who they hire. As part of their day to day jobs, members of the hr department are responsible for an important set of tasks - to help their organization carry out its mission by bringing on board the best people for the jobs they are hired to do. Furthermore, the HR professional is tasked with ensuring that labor laws and employment regulations are adhered to in order to ensure compliance and to minimize legal expenses. As such, human resource career professionals are often highly detail-oriented people, diligent with their assigned tasks, and often skilled at observing workplace behavior and monitoring for compliance issues. HR professionals also have to work on matters such as employee benefits, payroll and salary expenses, research, and writing up workplace policies and rules to ensure that company assets and operational integrity are protected. In other words, HR pros are important stakeholders for our clients, and our staffing team is always aware of that when we recommend candidates to our clients!

Human Resources Job Opportunities

The Clark Davis Associates Human Resources team is focused on the placement of HR professionals in contract, contract to hire, and full time employment positions throughout the Human Resources field. By meeting the staffing needs of our business partners with highly qualified professionals, we are recognized as one of the leaders in HR talent acquisition and recruitment. If you have experience in this dynamic field, please call or forward your resume to:

Bryan Flynn
Director, Human Resources Recruitment
973-257-8825 (ext. 102)
973-602-3012 (Fax)

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