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Types of accounting jobs offered by our clients

We currently list many job openings in accounting and finance positions at large and medium size companies in the NJ and NY metro regions, and since September 2021 we have expanded nationwide across the US! Even though technology has changed the role of accountants and finance personnel significantly in the last decade, we still get strong demand in this field and our job listings certainly show that!

Who we seek to fill accounting job openings

Accounting jobs are available for candidates with or without a CPA certification, either way is OK, but if you have earned the Certified Public Accountant designation, it will certainly open more exciting options for your accounting career! In any case, we can help place you with the best employers for career-worthy accounting positions! If you are looking to advance your accounting or finance career to greater heights then please contact Christian or Tony as described in the section below, or get started by scrolling down this page to run a custom accounting job search.

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Accounting & Finance Career Opportunities

As one of the area’s leading recruitment firms for Accounting and Finance, our seasoned team of staffing specialists are adept in the placement of staff level through senior management level candidates in the areas of Corporate Accounting, Financial Analysis, Cost, Audit, Tax, and Public Accounting. Our client base consists of companies ranging from small and mid-size to the big Fortune 500 firms.

Let us show you how our recruiting system works by reviewing our current list of job openings and then calling one of our staff to discuss your future career growth (or just send us your resume)!

Christian Narag
Vice President
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Tony Caniglia
Director, Accounting & Finance
973-257-8825 ext. 119
973-602-3012 (Fax)

What will you do on the job after being hired?

Accounting and finance jobs are an integral part of operating any business, and this is true even for nonprofit organizations, so your job will be an important one. Once our client (the employer) hires you and we place you with them, your accounting career or finance career will have taken an exciting new step forward! You will be assigned into a role that was matched to your experience, education, and vision for career growth, and you will be guided by the onsite management team as well as by your new colleagues on the job. You will need to familiarize yourself with the employee handbook and to study any training materials provided to you, as they will serve as guidelines for what you will be able to do in your new position. You will be given many chances to demonstrate your abilities as you take on new accounting projects, financial reporting tasks, analyzing accounting transactions, running various reports for management, as well as tailoring reports to meet the needs of the management team. If your role is a managerial one, you will also get to exercise your talents in managing people and resources to empower the accounting and finance functions of your new employer. Regardless of your job level, you will be challenged with some exciting ad-hoc projects that support the financial analysis needs of other departments as well, besides the standard accounting and finance processes that will constitute a large portion of your job duties. The various assignments that you will be given are sure to challenge you in ways that will help you build your career, and you will also get to build your own personal network of professional contacts which may well help you later on in your career path!

As you continue to work in your new job position, our staffing professionals and headhunters will continue to work with you and your employer to help both of you move forward in your journey. Our recruiters understand that job placement is not just a one-time event, but it is part of a longer-term relationship that makes the individual job assignments more meaningful and effective for both sides. This helps to ensure that no matter what kind of accounting job (or finance job) you are assigned to, you will be able to benefit from it as a valuable career step, and your employer will also have the confidence in knowing that we are there to back them up for the needs of all of their accounting and finance operations!

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