The Story of Clark Davis Associates

Launch in 1987 and Early Years

Clark Davis Associates first opened its doors in 1987.  After beginning with a small specialized recruitment team focused on Accounting and Finance jobs, our agency gradually expanded its staff to a team of 25 recruiters and its services to include Information Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Statistics and Clinical, and a Consulting Division.

Evolution and Growth of Our Staffing Agency

Clark Davis Associates has steadily expanded its staffing services and its client base for over thirty years across many industries.  Technically, we are now both a staffing agency and recruiting firm based in NJ near NYC while expanding service to the entire United States placing highly qualified job applicants for many clients.  We have placed thousands of professionals in a variety of industries, including Brokerage, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Software, and Public Accounting.

Move to New Office in 2021

As we continued to post jobs and find job candidates for more and more employers further across the country, we realized that our old office at 20 Waterview Blvd was not ideal for us any longer. So at the end of September 2021, we made the move to our new office at 300 Interpace Parkway in Parsippany, which is still in the same town as before, but now in an office that helps us serve all our customers even better!

Looking Forward to Future Growth

With an eye towards the future, Clark Davis Associates is seeking to continue its expansion in both its staffing services as well as its client base.  This also includes expansion of our coverage area far beyond the NJ and NY metro areas, and our present objective is to list jobs across the entire United States. The recruiting and staffing industry, which we are proud to be part of, is an essential part of America's labor market, and we are excited to be able to provide an invaluable solution for the modern diverse workforce and employers.  Our mission remains the same as it always has been:  to provide America's finest companies with America's finest working professionals!

Clark Davis Associates continues its success story!

Fun Facts About Our Staffing Company

Here are a few interesting facts, or at least a few historically meaningful tidbits about us:

  • Some people think of us as "Clark Davis and Associates" but the word "and" is not officially in our company's name!
  • Our company is the invention of our venerable founder Frank Luzzi and he is quite well-known in the staffing industry.
  • We once had a second office in Iselin, NJ but that office is no longer in use because our main office rocks!
  • We have worked with over 45,000 highly capable and qualified job candidates since our grand opening in 1987.
  • We were originally a local staffing agency until we began to expand nationwide in 2021.
  • Our team consists of staffing professionals who have worked their entire careers in this industry.
  • Our founder Frank Luzzi and our COO Frank Gallagher are collectively known as "the Franks" around the office.
  • Our most recent company retreat took us to the sunny shores of Florida!
  • We regard the work of placing talented people into great jobs and careers as key to our whole mission.

The above list of facts about us is likely to grow as we continue to expand our business across the nationwide staffing industry. We are looking forward to helping employers find amazing people to fill jobs that deserve the best!