Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about our Staffing Agency

Here you will find quick answers to your questions. We hope that you will find them helpful when deciding which staffing agency to use for hiring temporary personnel or for filling a permanent job position!

Question: What kind of staffing services do you provide?

Answer: We provide staffing for permanent job positions and temporary jobs within the following career fields: accounting, finance, IT, human resources, engineering, biotech and pharmaceutical jobs. We cover full-time positions but we also accept part-time jobs and remote jobs. Please click here for more information about our staffing services.

Question: Where is your main staffing office located?

Answer: Our main office is located in Parsippany, NJ. For more information please see office location page with map to help you find our staffing team.

Question: Do you have staffing offices in other locations?

Answer: No, the only location we currently have is our main office in Parsippany NJ. However, we list jobs in other cities because our clients want to hire staff at those locations, and our staffing team is trained to handle all job openings in a similar manner regardless of the physical job location.

Question: Do you have an appicant tracking system also known as an ATS?

Answer: Yes we do, however we keep it offline for internal use only to protect the privacy of our clients and job candidates. Our clients and the people we place in jobs appreciate that very much!

Question: Do you accept job listings from outside of your local markets in NJ, NY, PA, CT and DE?

Answer: Yes we do! Our business has been growing and we now provide staffing services nationwide across the entire United States.

Question: What type of job applicant screening or candidate vetting do you offer?

Answer: Our staffing team uses an outside vendor with a high rating for accuracy and privacy within their background checking processes. Furthermore, we check at least three professional references for each job candidate that has been selected for further review.

Question: Do you have any specific requirements for accepting new job listings?

Answer: Yes, you must submit your job description and hiring requirements including salary range in writing to us. If you are not sure of the correct salary range for a position, we may be able to help you figure out the ideal range. You may also wish to consult the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) wage data for more information.

Question: Do you require us to sign a contract before starting a search for a job candidate?

Answer: It is normal and accepted practice within our industry to require a contract between the hiring company and the staffing agency. Our contracts are written clearly and concisely so that the process is fair and valuable to both parties. Having a contract makes it easier for all parties to know how to proceed through the entire process of filling a job opening with an ideally matched qualified job candidate for best results.

Question: How should the job description and experience requirements be written up?

Answer: For low-level job positions, the job description and requirements document should contain about 100 to 150 words at most. For mid-level job positions the requirements and experience document text should contain about 150 to 200 words, maybe a little more in a few cases. For senior-level job positions or jobs requiring advanced degrees the job description and requirements text can reach 250 words or more depending on the complexity of the job position. Brevity is often helpful, but it should not leave out anything that would help us match the best candidate for the job!

Question: Can I submit a new job opening to you online?

Answer: Yes, you can send us your request to post a new job listing here.

Still need answers to a different question?

Please feel free to contact us at any time! Also, we will be updating this Q/A list periodically to keep it current and to reflect changes in our staffing business or the temporary jobs market.