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We are pleased to have received a new award in August 2023 for our excellence in staffing services! Please see this news story to check it out!

We are working on many new job opportunities now, especially as employers are adjusting their staffing levels to position themselves for next year's business cycle! Furthermore, employers are looking ahead to next year especially for new projects that are scheduled to start in January of 2024 or soon thereafter, and to tackle seasonal workloads such as tax related matters and inventory related workflows. So be sure to send your resume to us or feel free to browse our latest job openings in many cities nationwide across the United States - browse jobs by city today!

Do you have the ambition? See our news post about our recruiter hiring campaign!

The job market has been active in many industries this year, especially for job hiring within the accounting, IT, and healthcare advertising industries. However, due to prevailing macroeconomic conditions and high interest rates as well as a potential government shutdown looming in November, demand for labor is currently somewhat slower than it was at the same time last year, but still OK due to normal employee turnover during this season. We continue to get new orders for staffing every day, so we are posting job openings across the US on a daily basis during normal business hours on weekdays. However, if a job order comes in during a weekend, we will confirm it with the employer and post it on the Monday after it (or on Tuesday if Monday is a holiday). Orders submitted in evenings or at night are reviewed the next business day. You can view our latest job opening here: job listing # 2272

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Clark Davis Associates is a recruiting firm and staffing agency that was established in 1987, and since then we have served both job candidates and companies who are seeking to hire the very best skilled workforce talent within the states of NJ and NY and nationwide across the US and beyond.

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Whether you are seeking a career with a Fortune 500 company or a smaller-sized organization, or looking to hire top quality talent, our award-winning staffing company based in Parsippany NJ is ready to help with jobs anywhere within the United States!

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We now have expanded job coverage across the entire United States. In many cases remote jobs are available to candidates located almost anywhere, however we will still list the job location (city and state) as some employers prefer that employees are physically located near their offices.

Whether you need a job located near or far from you, or if you are hiring, we can match talented candidates to your needs anywhere in the United States. Our success in staffing services has been proven every year since 1987, and we have expanded the same top-notch service to markets around the entire country. Let us show you the way to success, anywhere and at any time you need it!

Staffing and hiring for our clients is a process that we manage end-to-end. This enables clients to get positions filled quickly and effectively, while providing custom-tailored job matching for candidates with the right skill set.

Whether you need an employee or a temporary hire, we can match talented candidates to your specific job requirements. This is what we do every day, all year long while helping our clients fill urgently needed job positions while helping skilled workers find the next job of their dreams.

Staffing should always adapt to the job position requirements, not the other way around.