Are we a staffing agency or a firm? We are both!

We sometimes are asked by our clients and job candidates, why are some people calling our company a "staffing firm" and why others are calling us a "staffing agency". Of these two phrases, it seems that today more people are familiar with the term "staffing agency", but in the first two decades of our existence as Clark Davis Associates most of our clients were actually referring to us as a "staffing firm", so we took that as part of our marketing strategy and branding. But as times have changed, people have become more accustomed to referring to companies like ours as agencies rather than as firms.

However, we are also a recruiting firm, so the phrase "staffing firm" is not the only label that can be associated with our company. If anything, our deep experience in the staffing industry and our seasoned team of recruiters and headhunters gives us an unparalleled service portfolio that helps us match the best job candidates with the best employers. So whether you consider us to be an agency or a firm, it does not matter, as our staffing and recruiting services are of the highest caliber!

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