Job Category: Information Technology

Core .NET Developer (BC)

Job Location: Parsippany, NJ

Date Posted: 2020-05-08

9 months; Manufacturing Company

Works directly with customers to understand their issues and needs, define changes to production systems, partner with other developers and designers including development teams outside the company, iterate through design and implementation, demo to stakeholders, gather feedback, launch, and incorporate lessons learned to improve the software development process going forward. Writes software, including implementing, maintaining, and improving products developed by the company, in addition to internal tools, unit testing own and others’ code, peer review of others’ code. Participates in software design and design review, including being familiar with and contributing to Software Design Documentation (SDD). Participates in continual improvement of the tools and processes involved in the software development process. Works with Quality Assurance (QA) and Customer Support teams, including bug tracking/issue management. Performs end-user and technical support to a wide range of executives, management, and staff members. Engages with clients to understand scope and how critical new change requests are. Additional responsibilities may include: Assisting or managing QA, or Demo deployments. Developing training plans, outlines, and materials for clients. Serving as primary point of contact after formal training.

BS degree in computer science, engineering or related field required. Experience: At least 1-2 substantive projects in .NET / .NET MVC / .NET Core / etc. Core .NET Skill Sets: C#, .NET, Visual Studio, etc. .NET Web Developer: .NET MVC, .NET Core, WPF, etc. Front End Frameworks: jQuery, React, Angular, etc. Database/Data: SQL Server, LINQ, Entity Framework, SSIS, ETL, etc.

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