Job Category: Engineering & Chemistry

Applications Engineer III (MD)

Job Location: Bridgewater, NJ/San Jose, CA

Date Posted: 2020-01-07

Position available in Bridgewater, NJ and San Jose, CA

This position requires working with, or exposure to goods and information that may be subject to the jurisdiction of the US State Department ITAR regulations and the Commerce Departments CCL.

Provide proactive technical support and education (includes troubleshooting, correcting operating procedures, product selection based on application and/or supporting engineering physics) on existing products and technologies to customers (end-users, dealer representatives, system integrators, and OEMs) as well as staff. Good communication and teaching skills are crucial. Appropriate communication methods should be used. These can include customer visits, video/telephone conferences, and email. Taking ownership of the problem until the issue is resolved is expected. Product knowledge and operational experience are key tools for completing this task. Accountable to support a percentage of product family as a member of the Product Support Team. Technical team lead for custom designed products and large projects for high value ($ and/or strategic) customers requiring advanced application engineering support. Interface with customers, sales, marketing, and Japan location. Provide advanced technical support that goes beyond the actual product and may cover things like product application. Detailed knowledge of the manufacturing process, production quality control, design rules, as well as applicable regulations and standards are necessary. Perform testing and evaluation for proper operation and software compatibility on existing as well as prototype and beta release/pre-production products. Inform the product design group of any issues with product functionality. Share the laboratory experimental results by writing technical notes. Maintain and update demo/loan devices. As the product specialist or subject matter expert, will participate in product release preparations. Understand new technologies and features, as well as operations. This requires good communication with Japan location, as documentation will be sparse in the beginning. Collaborate with marketing and create material to educate sales. Represent company at conferences, trade shows and seminars as a product and technology specialist. Maintain good working relationships with key leading researchers, engineers, and scientists. Attend conferences, give talks, visit research facilities, collaborate on projects, and interact with the community. Proactively seek out projects where your skill set will facilitate the sale. Take on the role of mentoring and training sales, marketing and technology in the area of product specialization.

BS in Physics, Electrical Engineering or related field. 3 years of job experience in technical support or related field. 2 years+ supporting image sensor related products. 2 years+ supporting or designing electrical circuits. Ability to travel up to 25%, possibly international and the ability to transport yourself to and from appointments. Project management experience preferred. Applications knowledge preferred.

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