Job Category: Accounting

Recruiter (JM)

Job Location: Secaucus, NJ

Temporary Position

Experienced Sourcing role will have a primary focus to connect candidates / future interest candidates by creating a pipeline against the aligned function area of support. Assist with the execution of the sourcing mission, strategy, tools, and processes for a given competency/industry line.

Partner with recruiters to develop and to execute sourcing strategies that would align with business needs. Proactively network for referrals that will identify additional talent for the Sourcing Team. Assist with the prescreening and delivery of active and interested candidates to the supported Sourcing / Recruiting Team. Maintain sourcing databases to ensure all data is captured, updated and reported properly. Assist with the research and maintenance of creative sourcing tools and resources.

2- 5 years sourcing / recruiting. Volume sourcing.

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