Job Category: Clinical & Statistics

Senior Principal Data Scientist (BME)

Job Location: Greater Boston Area.

Senior Principal Data Scientist - Immuno-Oncology - Bioinformatics Data Scientist

Location Greater Boston Area.

Define scientific questions that can be addressed with an appropriately powered experimental designs. Propose analysis strategies for target discovery, using methods based for instance on differential expression, co-regulation, correlated amplification, recurrent alterations, etc.; in so doing, also help devise statistical metrics for deciding significance, and ranking schemes for integrating data from many sources. Supply any computational, statistical, machine learning or modeling capability needed to synthesize from this design actionable recommendations relative to the team’s question. Identify targets and biological contexts (e.g., T or B-cell repertoire, immune phenotypes, copy number, mutational, or expression signatures) in which therapies are likely to be beneficial by mining immune, genetic, genomic or screening data. Identify from patient and model system databases the epidemiology of these biological contexts and targets

Statistical programming skills like SAS/S-plus, R/bioconductor and pipeline pilot or equivalents. Data mining experience for target identification and biomarker discovery. Experience in multivariate analysis; dimensionality reduction methods; parametric and non-parametric statistical methods; Bayesian statistics; pattern recognition or classification methods. Excellent understanding of immunology and hands-on research experience investigating complex myeloid and lymphoid cell subsets. First-hand experience at integrating publicly or commercially available genetic, genomic, and immune datasets with novel experimental data to identify testable hypotheses. Strong communication skills. Project leadership experience.

PhD in Bioinformatics, Statistics, Computational Statistics or another related field. 6-8 years experience.

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