Job Category: Information Technology

Dev/Ops (BC)

Job Location: Jersey City, NJ (see all jobs in NJ)

Work Type: Onsite

Date Posted: 2022-04-12

Fortune Insurance Company

As an OS DevOps Infrastructure Automation Engineer, you will pioneer industry-leading technologies and toolsets to enable our organizations to innovate and Automate our IT infrastructure using modern DevOps methodologies and leverage Infrastructure as Code. This position will be responsible for planning, engineering, and delivery of business scalable infrastructure solutions. The top technical skills for this role include advanced Linux and/or windows implementation experience, a high proficiency in scripting languages, calling API’s and high proficiency in both declarative (Ansible) and object oriented (Python) scripting languages.

Automate and transform mission critical business requirements in Linux and/or Windows relevant infrastructure activities. Automate provisioning of infrastructure, enabling us to develop, deploy, and scale with greater speed, less risk, and reduced cost. Build, Manage and support RedHat Ansible Tower automation platform.

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