Job Category: Information Technology

Cybersecurity Ops Manager (BC)

Job Location: Jersey City, NJ (see all jobs in NJ)

Work Type: Hybrid

Date Posted: 2022-03-11

Fortune 50 company
Jersey City, NJ (Hybrid)

Analyze potential security incidents to determine impact/scope of the incident, leading the team through complex analysis and incident response activities. Follow and help create Incident Response procedures to perform preliminary log collection and incident investigations, determining the cause of the security incident, containing the threat, and building protections against future infections. Interface and drive response/project work forwards with technical personnel and other teams in the ISO as well as the larger organization as required. Follow and help create escalation procedures to counteract and contain potential threats. Appropriately inform and advise CSOC Director on incidents and incident prevention, while helping to coordinate the Analyst Team and while functioning as site/shift lead(s). Drive documentation improvements of CSOC processes/tools/knowledge based upon observations and feedback from the Analyst Team. Lead and plan knowledge sharing with Analysts while developing solutions/processes/detections efficiently. Conduct network, endpoint, and log analysis by utilizing various consoles on a regular basis (e.g., SIEM, IPS, firewall, EDR, Advanced malware detection etc.). Help lead the Analyst Team to leverage the toolset to investigate incidents using computer/network forensic techniques to reconstruct events, identify unknown intrusions through use of indicators of compromise, and to identify and track any lateral movement.

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150K + Bonus

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