Job Category: Engineering & Chemistry

Test Engineer (JMR)

Job Location: Millburn, NJ (see all jobs in NJ)

Work Type: Onsite

Date Posted: 2022-01-19

(B.S. M.E., I.E.)
Millburn, NJ (Onsite)

Valves/Fluid Control Devices

Aerospace component manufacturer needs someone to design, build, and operate pneumatic test equipment for aircraft pneumatic components and subsystems to measure temperature, pressure, and flow in the test equipment. Should have knowledge of pneumatic pumps, valves, chillers, heaters, accumulators, piping, tubing, heat exchangers, electrical motors, and torque measurement equipment. Experience with National Instruments Data Acquisition(DAQ), Labview Control software, electrical test equipment(Oscilloscopes, sensors), and calculating pressure and flow within a pneumatic system. Position will require 5+ years building and operating test equipment.

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